Top 8 ways to kick up site safety!

In order to keep everyone safe and on track at their construction site, we've compiled a list of 8 important tips! Here are the top 8 simple tips to keep everyone working on site safer during their shift:

1. OSHA Training

  • OSHA Construction Industry Outreach Training is available for helping workers in the recognition and prevention of workplace hazards.

  • OSHA 30-Hour Construction Industry Outreach Program is recommended for all supervisors and workers.

2. Face Protection

  • Eye and face protectors should be chosen based on the dangers at the worksite and prevent foreign objects from entering the eyes.

  • Safety glasses or face shields must be put on in the case of electrical hazards

3. Workboots

  • Work boots that are slip and puncture resistant are recommended

  • Safety-toed footwear is the standard

4. Handgloves

  • Gloves must fit snugly to allow dexterity.

  • Workers should have gloves that are suited to their responsibilities.

5. Hardhats

  • Workers must wear hard hats to prevent head injury from falling objects, bumps, and head contact with electrical hazards.

  • Inspect hard hats for dents, cracks or deterioration and replace them regularly

6. Scaffolding

  • Scaffolds must be fully planked altogether.

  • Scaffolds must be set on sound footing and must not be altered.

  • If the scaffolding encounters any damage, it must not be used

7. Electrical Safety

  • Remove and replace damaged, or worn electrical cords or cables.

  • Ensure that extension cords include grounding prongs.

  • Locate and recognize all overhead electrical power lines.

8. Communication

  • Keep a list of hazardous substances that are used at the work site.

  • Properly label containers of hazardous substances

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