Safe driving habits

If you develop safe and attentive driving habits you can prevent accidents and keep yourself safe on the road. Here are some good habits that can help you become a safer driver.

Be a defensive driver
If you didn’t do it when you got your license may be take a defensive driving course. Not only will it make you a safer driver on the road but it will lower your insurance costs as well. Practicing defensive driving will teach you strategies on how to avoid encounters bad drivers.

Avoid in car distractions
Do not use your phone in the car unless you have a handsfree device. Ensure that you know where you are going before you embark, and pull over in the case that you get lost. Leave all potential distractions in your backseat or glove box until you reach your destination safely.

Adjust to the weather
Different weather conditions call for different driving strategies. Be sure that you aware of the forecast before you embark on a trip. When there are dangerous conditions, drive slowly and defensively.

Safety on Alberta’s 63
In Alberta, the Highway 63 serves as a very important road as it facilitates travel to the oilsands. That being said, it has been the scene for hundreds of accidents and dozens of deaths over the years.

There is a group working hard to bring safety back to the 63: The Coalition for a Safer Highway 63 and Highway 881. The group consists of members from different industries with one aim -- to make the highway a safer place. By offering drivers safer alternatives to driving habits, the group has been able to save countless lives.

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