What Matrix Labour Leasing Ltd. Does

Calgary’s Matrix Labour Leasing has the focus of placing craft labour, administration and construction professionals in the oil and gas, construction and industrial industries.

Matrix Labour Leasing Ltd. has a panel of pre-screened candidates that are qualified for fast deployment. Armed with ample safety training, Matrix has given its employees an edge in today’s job market. In total, employees of Matrix undertake more than 50 hours of training, orientation and testing, which they must successfully complete, before being deployed.

A few of the tickets earned by Matrix employees include:

  • CSTS 09
  • OSSA Fall Protetion
  • OSSA Confined space
  • H2S
  • respectful workplace
  • environmental and wildlife awareness, and
  • first-aid.

In addition, Matrix employees undergo camp orientations that give an expanded sense of camp life and the various activities that are available. Career growth is encouraged and expected. Matrix also provides mentorship programs to counsel staff throughout their trade apprenticeships and professional disciplines.

Through Matrix’s partnership with Merit Benefits, the company can offer lucrative and wide-ranging benefit options to staff.

With Matrix’s focus on people, field experience training, and commitment to process, the company achieves a caring, humanized touch.

In addition, Matrix is a full-service staffing agency that facilitates:

  • WCB
  • benefits
  • insurance
  • payroll
  • co-ordination and scheduling, and
  • tracking, camp and flight bookings.

Employers who work with Matrix can expect lower attrition, high productivity levels, responsiveness, accuracy in placement, and an overall result that is second to none.

For more information on what Matrix Labour Leasing in Calgary can do for you, contact us at 403-201-9520.

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