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The lowering prices of oil has resulted in countless layoffs, which has lead to increasing amounts of competition for placements. It is no longer enough to submit a resume and wait to hear back for an interview because a single position will receive hundreds of candidates. If you are an out of work tradesmen or construction specialist, it is wise to join Matrix because it provides you with the potential to be seen by several recruiting companies.

Matrix Connect allows you to find jobs applicable to your skill set and in line with your qualifications quickly. It also allows potential employers to search for a person like you with the skills they need to fill a position. If your profile is built up, you will find that employers are contacting you more than ever.  

Matrix Labour Leasing offers benefits, competitive pay and long term employment through strong customer service. With mentors available, a work-safe culture and as an indigenous owned company, Matrix Labour Leasing can put you on track to gain skills that will prepare you for your career.

Allow Matrix Labour Leasing to remove some of your burden as a job seeker. Take the 2 minutes to register with Matrix Connect and see what jobs are currently available and connect with potential employers who are looking for someone with your skills.

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