Four safety precautions to consider on site

Working in construction is one of the most dangerous professions. Here are five safety measures that every construction professional should consider.  

Personal Protective Equipment

Ensure that you have properly-fitted PPE -- helmets and eyewear are a must. If working in a noisy area, ear muffs or plugs are recommended. When handling toxic materials, make sure to wear protective gloves. Anti-slip equipment is recommended for dusty and icy environments or when exposure to toxic waste is possible. If the site has large, heavy vehicles, employees should wear highly visible clothing. Protective climate gear is also recommended.

Electricity and Equipment

When working with electrical equipment, do an inspection of the vehicle beforehand. Ensure that there is no wear and tear in the machine and follow safety precautions issued by the manufacturers. When using portable devices (drills/grinders), protect the cables and never allow them to come in contact with water.

Maintain Fencing and Prevent Fires

Fencing is an important faucet to any construction site. Dangerous areas without fencing should be avoided until fencing is up -- the same goes for damaged fencing. Also, make sure to communicate with a site supervisor about any damaged or missing fencing.

With the variety of tasks, tools and equipment on site, there is always the danger of a fire. Stay alert and be vigilant in preventing fires. Everyone on site should know the escape or exit route in case of fire.

Keep First Aid Close

First Aid needs to be accessible at all times. Basic aid for cuts, minor burns and falls should be near that way assistance can be given immediately. When injuries are treated quickly, there is less of a chance for infection and can limit the damage done.

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