Equipment operation tips for winter safety

Winter presents a certain number of problems for heavy equipment operators, so below we have compiled a list of areas to pay specific attention to.


1. Fuelling an Engine

  • Ensure that in cold weather, make extra effort to prevent water entering the machine’s fuel tank.

  • All filters in the machine -- fuel, hydraulic and air related require regular maintenance to prevent power loss while in use.


2. On Start-Up

  • Restrict the use of jumper cables in cold conditions if possible. Improper use can result in irreversible damage.

  • Do not attempt to recharge a frozen battery -- the result is typically an explosion.

  • Pay careful attention when two people are involved in the jump starting process. Make plans easy to understand because during the process, the individual in the cab will not hear anything.



3. Warm-Up

  • All hosing and wiring will become brittle in cold conditions. Give all equipment enough time to warm before operation


4. Operation


  • Your best friend is prevention. Before cold weather even rears its ugly head, ensure that all of your atmospheric systems are working properly.

  • Do not allow the windows of your cab to become fogged; ensure that at all times your visibility is at its highest.

  • Make sure that you are familiar with your job site. Snow has the potential to hide certain dangers.

5. Self-Protection


  • Pay close attention when entering and exiting your machine. Make sure your steps are clear and use grip plates and handles when necessary.

  • Touching intensely cold metal can cause damage to bare hands. Wear a pair of insulated gloves to protect yourself.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility: make sure to report any problems and keep a diligent record.

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